Piano Exam Requirements

All Grades (AMEB):
The following must be prepared:

1. Technical Section: Scales, Broken Chords, Arpeggios (listed below)

2. Repertoire:                     
           - 3 List pieces for Preliminary to Grade 4
                       (List A = Study / Baroque, List B = Classical / Romantic, List C = Modern)
           - 4 List pieces for Grade 5 and above
                      (List A = Study / Baroque, List B = Classical, List C = Romantic, List D = Modern)

3. Extra List: a minimum of 2 pieces for Grade 2 and above

4. Aural Tests (make sure you have your CD and practise daily)

5. General Knowledge (always revise what we discuss during lessons)
              Early Grades:
                      - anything in the score (note names, note values, signs, terms, Italian words, etc.)
                      - the name and nationality of the composers
                      - the titles of your pieces and what they mean (study, minuet, sonatina, etc.)
                      - the form of the pieces (binary, ternary, rondo, etc.),
                      - the keys (tonic and modulations)
                      - the style in which the pieces are written (jazz, dance, etc.)
              Higher Grades:
                      - also include the composers' period, contemporaries, style, analysis.    

Remember: ALL sections are equally important!