Practise hints: non-beginners

Non-Beginners / Exam Preparation

Break your practice up into 2 or 3 sessions (approx. 20 to 40 minutes each, depending on your needs and level).

Before starting a session, decide clearly on small, specific, manageable goals.
Plan your sessions - perhaps over a two-day schedule if necessary, so that you get through everything.
Use the example below is a guideline (but be sure to discuss your personal programme with me).

3-Session / 2-Day Sample (adapt to 2 sessions over 1 or 2 days if you prefer):
Session 1 - Technique (Example: Major scales on Day 1, Minor scales & chromatics on Day 2):
Focus on really improving one or two particular scale patterns that are new or especially tricky.
When you practise other scales / arpeggios , note what needs more work next time.
(Do variations, as discussed with me.) 

Session 2 - One difficult or new piece (and a different new or tricky piece on Day 2): 
Take one small section at a time and master something about it, e.g. a LH chord sequence, RH fingering, then playing it fluently HT...  (These are details we cover in lesson time, so check what we've discussed.)

Session 3 -  Two or three easy or older pieces per session (alternating between days if you have a lot):
Play them through and do a bit of extra work on anything that still needs attention.
Practise performing them - as you would in a rehearsal.

Always have a specific goal for a practise session and work on small sections that need improvement.
Don't try to do too much in one go - keep it manageable.

Ask yourself these two questions before starting: "What do I want to achieve?", and, "How will I achieve it?",
....and this question when you have finished: "What have I achieved?".

Make sure you come away feeling you've achieved something, no matter how small.
With music, as in elite sport or ballet, we improve performance only in small, steady, manageable steps.
Remember: There are no shortcuts! Patience and persistence pay off.
Don't waste time merely sight-reading, or just "playing through" things - you will consolidate mistakes,
 go around in circles, and become bored and unmotivated.  Stay positive!