Graded Theory Exercises

Click on the links below to practise your theory. Each section is preceded by a lesson.
Each link contains 20 questions with a two-minute time limit and your score at the end.
Every time you click on the exercises, the questions will be different.
More graded exercises are on their way, so watch this space!


Lesson: Note Reading 

Lesson: Piano keys - note names

Beginners: one octave or less

Three notes:
Note names:          Bass Clef F to A   Bass Clef A to C     Treble Clef C to E     Treble Clef E to G
On the keyboard:  Bass Clef F to A   Bass Clef A to C     Treble Clef C to E     Treble Clef E to G

C Position:
Note names:          Treble Clef C to G      Bass Clef C to G      Both Clefs C to G
On the keyboard:  Treble Clef C to G      Bass Clef C to G      Both Clefs C to G

Beginner's Lines and Spaces - Grand Staff :
Note names - Grand staff:            Lines only     Spaces only     Lines & spaces
On the keyboard - Grand staff:    Lines & spaces

Octave C to C:
Note names:             Bass Clef C to C       Treble Clef C to C
On the keyboard:  Bass Clef C to C      Treble Clef C to C

All the Lines and Spaces - Treble and Bass Clef  Separately:
Note names spaces:   Treble Clef - spaces only         Bass Clef - spaces only
Note names lines:      Treble Clef - lines only            Bass Clef - lines only

Note names:           Treble Clef - lines and spaces       Bass Clef - lines and spaces 
On the keyboard:   Treble lines & spaces               Bass lines & spaces 

All the lines and spaces - Grand Staff:
Note names:         Grand Staff - spaces only               Grand Staff - lines only

Ledger lines

                       Lines below the bass staff         Lines above the bass staff               

On the keyboard:   Lines below the treble staff      Lines above the treble staff
                               Lines below the bass staff        Lines above the bass staff


Lesson: Accidentals

Keyboard note identification

Ledger Lines - treble clef (with accidentals)     Ledger Lines - bass clef (with accidentals)      

Ledger Lines - both clefs (with accidentals)


Lesson: Introduction to Intervals

Naming intervals (by number only)

Lesson: Specific Intervals   

       Perfect 4th, 5th, 8ve          Perfect 4th, 5th, 8ve on the keyboard 

Major 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th          Major 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th on the keyboard

Major & Perfect Intervals          Major & perfect intervals on the keyboard

Major / minor 2nd     (2 / 1 semitones)     Major / minor 2nd on the keyboard

Major /minor 7th     (-1 / -2 semitones down from 8ve)      Major / minor 7th on the keyboard

 Major / minor 3rd (4 / 3 semitones)       Major /minor 6th (9 / 8 semitones)